Emmanuel, God is With Us

 “ This brings us to the much larger issue – one that St. Augustine often highlighted. The Kingdom of God is among us, right next to us. The Jews of Christ’s day almost unanimously expected the Messiah to forge a political kingdom through military means. When He told us the Kingdom was right at hand, breaking out among us as we chose to make common cause together, that changed history – and it changed philosophy in a way that we still seem pained to grasp.

I know far too many conservatives who have good policy prescriptions, but they have bought into the satanic leftist deception and think everything is merely a political battle about who is to rule. God gives us to choose whether we will be citizens of the City of God or the city of man. When we choose the City of God, it brings life and the political leaders we choose will come from that soil. When we choose the city of man, everything falls apart in madness and chaos – and the leaders chosen from that soil simply add to the madness and chaos.

What that means is that too many of us insist on putting the cart before the horse. Politics cannot lead us to a more Godly nation; Godliness can lead us to a more healthy politics and government. Unless we put the Godliness first, our work is in vain. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33).”