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The division in this country is purposeful. Who benefits from the tensions?

“The roughly 3,500 Facebook ads were created by the Russian-based Internet Research Agency, which is at the center of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s February indictment of 13 Russians and three companies seeking to influence the election.

While some ads focused on topics as banal as business promotion or Pokémon, the company consistently promoted ads designed to inflame race-related tensions. Some dealt with race directly; others dealt with issues fraught with racial and religious baggage such as ads focused on protests over policing, the debate over a wall on the U.S. border with Mexico and relationships with the Muslim community.

The company continued to hammer racial themes even after the election.”Russians sowing discord through FB

“Facebook is now reportedly facing a class-action lawsuit relating to the company’s collection of user text and audio logs via the Facebook smartphone app, Fast Company reports. A lawsuit filed in the northern district of California names John Condelles III as the main plaintiff and states that Facebook “presents several wrongs, including a consumer bait-and-switch, an invasion of privacy, wrongful monitoring of minors and potential attacks on privileged communications.”Class action lawsuit against FB

This one is from 2016. I remember this report and thinking tin foiled conspiracy nut theory. Time to revisit the idea.

“Facebook says that its app does listen to what’s happening around it, but only as a way of seeing what people are listening to or watching and suggesting that they post about it.”FB is listening on iPhones

Deactivating Facebook is easier.

“If you’re paranoid, however, and really don’t want Facebook listening to anything you say at any time, regardless of its supposed utility to advertisers, you can turn off the app’s access to your microphone. In iOS, go to the Settings panel, find Facebook, and slide off the “microphone” option. On Android, go to “Privacy and Safety” in Settings, find the microphone section under the app permissions panel, and toggle off Facebook’s access.”Is FB listening?

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