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Uhm I don’t think so. FB is collapsing, as well it should. Just say No.

“GOP membership who cares very deeply about this country, who want to see a fair treatment on these social media platforms. They use them heavily and we have a very important mid-term coming up and I think it’s an important time to have this conversation.””


What a friendly act, exposing loved ones to FB?


“Facebook used its apps to gather information about users and their friends, including some who had not signed up to the social network, reading their text messages, tracking their locations and accessing photos on their phones, a court case in California alleges.”


“And the latest revelations from Six4three’s lawsuit allege that Facebook has been engaging in mass surveillance of users for some time now. One court document reportedly states, “Facebook continued to explore and implement ways to track users’ location, to track and read their texts, to access and record their microphones on their phones, to track and monitor their usage of competitive apps on their phones, and to track and monitor their calls.”

It certainly sounds like spying, doesn’t it? But of course, a Facebook spokesperson has rebuked the accusation, stating that Six4three’s “claims have no merit, and we will continue to defend ourselves vigorously.”



Just say No. Though article is about Tweeting, applies equally to Facebook.
”Even posting photographs or retweeting someone else’s tweet can be enough to get fired. Despite repeated warnings, people still get fired for sending an inappropriate photo or tweet. The problem with sites like Twitter and Instagram is that immediacy and informality are also social media’s greatest dangers, experts say.”






Nothing is free.

“Facebook shared access to user data with at least four Chinese electronics companies, including one, telecommunications firm Huawei, which has been labeled a national security threat by U.S. intelligence officials, The New York Times reported on Tuesday.”