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FBI dysfunction predates Trump. They need to be dismantled, tasks reassigned, complete over haul.

“Judging from the many comments posted on any site that picked up this story, there is a critical strain of mistrust running through the American bloodstream in regard to the FBI.

When installing new software, a computer has to shut down and reboot.  It might occur to Americans that the reboot is designed to install spyware planted by the FBI.  Today’s FBI seems much more skillful at spying on innocent Americans than Russians or obvious potential mass killers. “


“The DC has learned that the bureau has already warned agents that the agency will come back viciously against all those “behind destroying their narrative, and will go after their families and friends, too.”

New evidence contradicts the DOJ/FBI timeline leaked to the media

Sources say the Trump investigation initiated overseas in Great Britain, not the United States

John Brennan, James Clapper, Samantha Power, Loretta Lynch were all briefed by James Comey on the alleged Russian interference into the Trump campaign, yet the Trump campaign was left in the dark

According to reports, Germany, Poland and Estonia also shared communications related to members of the Trump campaign with the United States”


 VA once a proud state, reduced. Why?

“Virginia law cancels voting rights for convicted felons, but McAuliffe, in a desperate effort to fix the 2016 election in his state for the Pantsuit Princess, issued an executive order in 2016 restoring voting rights to more than 10,000 convicted felons in the state, most of whom he obviously expected to vote Democrat.  Gee, wonder why?”

“There is as well, of course, a more perverse lesson to be learned from Nixon’s downfall at the hands of an independent FBI, to wit: there is much power to gain by politicizing the Bureau, but only if its upper-leadership team is all on partisan board. Emerging evidenceincreasingly suggests, sadly, that this was former FBI Director James Comey’s leadership strategy in our country’s most sensitive investigations.”

“What is new is the FBI’s apparent cooperation with such partisan accusations — including the use of at least one informant and a wiretap warrant against the opposition’s campaign staff.”

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