Iran News

Why doesn’t boots on the ground MSMs cover this? Deceit by omission. Say No to MSMs. “INSTEAD of chanting “Death to America!” the protesters are chanting, “Death to Palestine!” who they blame for taking all of the Iranian people’s wealth.”

More winning. “Last time this happened, President Obama ignored it. This time, the U.S. supports those in the streets.”

Disgracefulis a mild polite word.

“By these moves, Trump has empowered the people taking to the streets in Tehran and elsewhere. The last time this happened, during Iran’s 2009 “Green Revolution,” by comparison, President Obama did nothing. Indeed, within years, Obama had signed a Neville-Chamberlain-style appeasement deal Iran’s leaders. Disgracefully, it basically gave them a sure path to a nuclear bomb.”

Thousands of people took to the street in protest to lack of drinking water.
The mullahs can’t even keep the water running.”

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