Jordan Peterson

Stoic? Not sure. Depends on how Peterson views suffering. Is it to be endured or seen as redemptive in union with JC? Also note, many videos of Peterson and the article titles are sensational. Caveat lector.

“Peterson’s expertise as a debater and interviewee is not the place to stop this discussion.  His great accomplishment is teaching, counseling, and coaching people to urge them to live the good life, the virtuous life. …

His life course appears to be the story of the human search for meaning, wisdom, and purpose – the Buddhist Noble Eightfold Path, Taoist and Confucian philosophy, Christian concepts of wisdom and virtue, the Roman and Greek Stoic meditations of Marcus Aurelius, and the teachings of the Greek slave Stoic doyen Epictetus.”Peterson at the American Thinker

The Mark Steyn Show with Jordan Peterson

@27:01 “Free speech is the fundamental principle of western civilization. The fundamental principle is logos roughly speaking and that is part of the Judeo- Christian tradition. Logos is the word that turns chaos into order. Logos is the function of our soul that is one way of thinking about it. The fundamental presupposition of western civilization is that truth is the best defense against suffering. That is spoken truth, partly because, the problem with thinking is that you’re blinded by your biases and preconceptions of ignorance. But when you speak publicly then people have a chance to engage you in debate and improve the speech, craft it, refine it, make it more accurate and reach a consensus.”

@ 28:36 “The alternative to negotiation is war. Happens at the individual level & social level.”Peterson & Steyn Interview



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