Masks “ Thus, Americans and other Westerners now have to deal with busybodies (AKA “Karens”) who harangue and report others about following the rules.

With less freedom comes less thinking, and with less thinking comes an increased dependence on the leaders and experts who devised the mandates in the first place. Thus, society enters a negative cycle in which once free self-governing productive citizens increasingly become passive mindless consumers waiting for assistance from big government, big business, and big media.

This general helplessness may suit ambitious progressives looking to lead the country, but it signifies a worrying trend in American life. A passive population is also a less productive, creative, and religious population. Fewer people lack the drive to work harder, innovate, or practice their faith while more people come to see these things as either burdens or dangers. Instead of seeing coworkers, neighbors, or relatives as sources of support, people now see them as sources of stress or danger.”

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