Matt Schaefer- Want a mask mandate with a criminal offense Pass a law. Governor can’t create a crime & also enforce

“Legislation has been filed by State Rep. Matt Schaefer (R–Tyler) ending the governor’s and local officials’ mask mandates and barring them from ever issuing such mandates again unless the legislature authorizes it.

  • Robert Montoya reports that Schaefer filed House Bills 2097 and 2098 on the same day Tarrant County commissioners in North Texas unanimously extended their countywide mask mandate, compelling businesses to fine citizens in their buildings $1,000 if they aren’t wearing a mask.
  • And don’t forget that Texas remains under a statewide mask mandate from Gov. Greg Abbott.
  • “Want a mask mandate with a criminal offense? Pass a law. [The g]overnor can’t create a crime & also enforce the crime. That violates separation of powers. No one person should ever have that power. HB 2097 & 2098 will repeal the mask mandate and restore checks/balances.”