National Governors Association Center for Best Practices Re: Preparing for the COVID-19 Vaccine and Considerations for Mass Distribution

RINO Abbott has his marching orders. How about yours?

Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy and Misinformation pg 6 of pdf attached.

Although vaccines are widely understood as safe and effective public health interventions, increasing numbers of individuals are delaying or refusing vaccinations. ‘Vaccine hesitancy’ 16 has been used to describe a spectrum of attitudes toward vaccines ranging from skepticism to refusal and denial.

While the reasons for rising levels of vaccine hesitancy are complex, experts

refusal and denial.
have cited reduced fear of infectious diseases; distrust in government, science, and the medical community; the advent of “natural products”; challenges in effectively communicating scientific

has contributed to low levels of vaccination in certain communities, leaving them vulnerable to


The challenges of promoting vaccine confidence may be heightened in the context of a novel COVID-19 vaccine expedited through the FDA testing and approval process and deployed on a large scale. Recent polling indicates that only half of Americans reported that they intended to get a COVID-19 vaccine, with 31 percent reporting that they were not sure if they would get

to global health” by the World Health Organization.


August 3, 2020