No Wind Today

“ ERCOT itself admits its “projections show wind generation coming in less than 10 percent of its capacity.”

“Essentially, wind is going to be a no show today,” writes Peacock on his commentary website, Excellent Thought. Peacock is also the host of the Liberty Cafe podcast, presented by Texas Scorecard.

The state’s electricity generators have been cajoled by lawmakers into spending $56 billion on wind farms, that will – just like during the deadly winter storm of 2021 – sit idle. Peacock writes that money has been wasted, since power is not available when Texans need it most.

“If that amount had been put into natural gas generation, Texans would not be under a statewide ‘conservation appeal’ and wondering if their lights and air conditioners will stay on today,” concludes Peacock.”

Scorching Heat Brings Power Warning