Mental and spiritual preparation before hand is needed.

It is possible – probable – that there will be another round of pogrom in the Church in the near future, in particular against traditionally minded-Catholics, lay and clergy alike.

It’s the people they want to crush even more than the rites.  They fear and despise the people.

From where I sit and from what I read and hear, we must stay cool.   We must stay cool and we must plan.

I’ve written here before about house chapels.  Enough about that.  You know what to do.  Get your things together.

I address myself to young men thinking about the seminary.

I write also to seminarians and young priests and not so young alike.

I write to lay people who might be in a position to help in what I am about to suggest.

PreppingGentlemen, it could be a good idea before the really bad times start to learn a trade.  I don’t know if this might entail night school or crash courses or whatever.