Proud Boys & Hunter’s Phone

 “ Every single Kansas City Proud Boy and other individuals that the rat reported to his handlers in the document dump are indicted and facing decades in prison EVEN THOUGH THE FBI INFORMANT THAT WAS WITH THEM THAT DAY REPORTED THEIR INNOCENCE! One of the men (William Chrestman)has been detained at DC Gitmo in pre-trial detention for over a year and a half to date. A total of six people (including a woman who was pregnant at the time) are being charged with Conspiracy, Obstruction of an Official Proceeding and Aiding and Abetting (this carries a maximum 20 year penalty), Obstruction of Law Enforcement During Civil Disorder and Aiding and Abetting, Threatening a Federal Officer, Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building or Grounds and Carrying a Deadly or Dangerous Weapon.”

 “ Presidentish Joe Biden’s son’s phone was apparently loaded with sex, drugs, and… FBI cyber specialists?”


What has “muted” the “seriousness” of the plot isn’t Whitmer’s gender but the fact at least a dozen FBI undercover agents and informants working with FBI handlers at multiple FBI field offices in the eastern half of the country stitched together the random group of innocents who did not know each other before the government got involved.