RINO Abbott

at it again…

“ mid-June, Texas Scorecard published an interview with three energy policy experts who said that wasn’t the case and that the state’s power grid has too much unreliable green energy and not enough reliable thermal dispatchable energy—such as gas, clean coal, and nuclear energy.

They weren’t alone in pointing out the discrepancy between Abbott’s words and reality. An opinion piece published by Forbes on June 22 attacked Abbott for his claims, while identifying structural problems with Texas’ electrical grid.

David Blackmon, the author of the Forbes piece, writes that while Abbott claimed last month that Texas’ power grid was “better today than it’s ever been,” the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT)—the agency that manages the state’s power grid—was warning Texans of a possible power shortage. This was after a similar warning in April during two days when temperatures weren’t extreme by any means.”

Abbott Taken to Task on Texas’ Unreliable Power Grid