San Antonio and Bexar County #ALERT!


#WARNING!  At this week’s San Antonio City Council meeting, August 13, 2020, you are about to be firehosed morally and heritage-wise with three obscurely placed ordinance items on the city council agenda!

#ABORTIONIST getting contract reappointed.

And every county citizen will be affected by two of these three items as well.

Details about them and actions you can take are stated further in this letter.

In a nutshell, the San Antonio City Council will on Thursday, August 13 consider and vote upon 1.) (agenda item #25.) re-appointing a pro-abortion, pro-illicit drug use, anti-Christian-schoolchildren…doctor…to a high position of authority for the entire county, healthwise; 2.) (agenda item #26.) giving this person broad powers to quarantine, innoculate and implement “control measures” over you, your family and every person in the county, and 3.) (item #30.) rejecting our American heritage by means of disowning the statue of our nation’s founder, Christopher Columbus, and disowning, renaming the park named after him.

Utterly outrageous! And sneaky!

Buried on the 6th and 7th pages of the agenda, who would have noticed?

Well, the San Antonio Family Association (SAFA) did and we at SAFA will hereby empower you to fight such arrogance.

How? Basically, you will simply tell Mayor Nirenberg and your city councilperson to vote “against” items
25, 26, and 30. If you live outside of San Antonio you will tell the mayor of your town to rescind the respective contract it has with the city of San Antonio. More on that later.

Here are some basic steps:

1.) Pray fervently that these terrible things do not happen
2,) Arm yourself with the facts. You are about to learn what SAFA has uncovered and what the city’s own documents say about these egregious developments
3.) Communicate your concern about this craziness to your elected officials in one or more ways. SAFA has initiated a petition drive specifically for item #25 [Petition in progress to sign]
4.) Don’t keep this to yourself! Relay this information to friends, family members, church members, and others. Use old technology (like talk radio) and new technology (Facebook, etc.) to get out the message

That’s it in a nutshell. Now to flesh it out.
#Step 1.) Prayer: the most powerful tool, is self-explanatory. Recruit others to join you in your efforts.
#Step 2.) Here is what is known, and it’s a bunch:

ABOUT ITEM #25. Doctor Chichi Junda Woo has been as of 2012, and may still be, a Planned Parenthood abortion doctor, a fact that is irrefutable; and she has, not surprisingly, denounced the pro-life state law requiring abortion facilities to perform ultrasound tests upon pregnant mothers [ref.: San Antonio Express-News, Feb. 29, 2012, “Virginia Rejects What Texas Kept Hidden”].

In 2015 she kept her Planned Parenthood association hidden to the public when she applied for a position known as the Regional Health Authority director, a medical program administrator for 28 counties surrounding Bexar. SAFA discovered this fact, however, and even though the then-city council had already approved her promotion, then-Mayor Ivy Taylor rescinded it upon receiving SAFA’s revelation.

But Woo nevertheless had gained employment with the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District in the ensuing years as its, yes, medical director, a position just under that of her boss, Colleen Bridger,  the district’s then- and recently-returned top director.

In 2018, with just a few days notice Woo’s name suddenly appeared again on the San Antonio city council agenda for the same appointment. This time she was approved under the council’s leadership of Mayor Nirenberg (elections have consequences). Dissenting votes were District 10’s Clayton Perry and then-
District 6’s Greg Brockhouse. Bridger, in a statement of support for Woo, claimed Woo had not performed any abortions since 2017.

In 2019 Woo appeared at the Bexar County Commissioners Court meeting to promote, yes, illicit drug use by means of a taxpayer supplied drug needle exchange program. Years earlier former district attorney Susan Reed had opposed such programs, threatening to prosecute people for distributing drug paraphernalia.

Woo said at the time that the goal of the program was–hold onto your sanity–not to encourage drug use but to make it safer! (emphasis ours) [ref.: San Antonio Express-News, Sept. 11,2019, “Needle Exchange Program is Ready to Start…”] Curiously, this action of approval by the county commissioners could not be found on the meeting’s agenda; meaning, there was no advance public notice of the item.

Recently, in July 2020, Woo and other city officials have been sued for stopping 1,300 Christian schoolchildren from attending classes physically well into September. The lawsuit has been initiated by Cornerstone Church pastors John and Matt Hagee, and Cornerstone Christian School parents. Woo has claimed that the coronavirus is the cause and that the directive will be enforced [ref.: San Antonio Express-News, July 29, 2020, “Hagee’s Sue to Reopen Church’s Schools;…”]

What a sordid background. It is bad enough for those who live in the city of San Antonio. But her appointment is also going to affect everyone in the county. The ordinance reads “and approving an Interlocal Agreement with local municipalities to designate Dr. Woo as their (emphasis added) Local Health Authority.” Meaning, if you live in Alamo Heights, Balcones Heights, China Grove, Elmendorf, Hill Country Village, Kirby, Leon Valley, Live Oak, Shavano Park, Terrell Hills, Universal City, Von Ormy or Windcrest, your mayor unwittingly signed on to her jurisdiction as well. You can see the respective signed documents in the backup memorandum’s. Your only relief would be to persuade your mayor to call up Nirenberg and you asking your mayor to back out.

Should you get as far as talking publicly or privately with our elected officials, ask some serious questions: is Dr. Woo still performing abortions? If not, when did she stop? How many years did she perform these procedures? Is she still licensed to practice abortion? What is her current relationship with Planned Parenthood? Does she still counsel/recommend/refer persons to abortion facilities? And about her drug needle-sharing program promotion: what did she mean when she said that she “wanted to make drug use safer”? Why doesn’t needle sharing promote and prolong such illicit use instead of controlling it? And why isn’t it the same as distributing drug paraphernalia? Where does she draw the line? Does she present demonstrations to our schoolchildren? If so, what schools? After all, this person is getting paid with our tax dollars to govern our health practices and environment.

ABOUT ITEM  #26: [see back-up memorandum pages] This item, if passed by the city council, would authorize Dr. Chichi Junda Woo, the afore-mentioned (former?) Planned Parenthood abortionist–assuming she is approved by the city council on item #25–to adopt additional rules to “protect” individuals from the coronavirus and “reduce its transmission in the community.”

Apparently, the possible effect would be for Junda Woo or her substitute, unelected medical officers, to have the same authority that Mayor Nirenberg and Judge Wolff have had in ordering lockdowns and sheltering-in-place for average citizens while protesters have had free rein.

This ordinance is a matter of trust, or lack thereof, in unelected officials now acquiring the power of enforcement for their newly established rules.

ABOUT ITEM #30: [see back-up memorandum pages]: Christopher Columbus was the famed explorer who discovered our country, America, and brought the Christian religion to an uncivilized world. His name and reputation have been falsely disparaged by those who have not learned our nation’s true history.  His memory, statues bearing his resemblance and parks named after him should be honored, not sequestered, covered, destroyed nor renamed. Should this item pass the council would be doing him wrong.

If vandalism has been a problem towards his statue, then…protect it! Don’t hide it!

#Step 3.) So now you know what is going on and you want to, politely, give Mayor Nirenberg and your councilmember a piece of your mind. But you don’t know what district you live in. Your voter registration card can tell you. Or you can type in and that frame should help you learn the contact information for the mayor and your councilmember. You can e-mail them or phone them. DO IT NOW! You will probably receive a staffer who will relay your message.
You may also want to address the entire council in one setting, at one of their meetings this week. On Wednesday afternoon at 5 p.m., there is a general topic Citizens-to-be-Heard session where you can do just that. However, due to the virus that setting is by videoconference, not in-person. For instructions log onto Look on the far left side for the titles of various meetings in blue lettering. Scroll down until you see the one entitled “Public Comment” for August 12, 2020. Shift to the right and look for the blue lettered word “Agenda” and also, further to the right, the blue lettered “eComment.” Both should instruct you on how to approach and speak to the council.

Similarly, the next day, Thursday is the day that the city council makes its decisions on those important items, one’s last chance to send it a message. Follow the same instructions as with the Wednesday routine.
So how many times will you get a chance to talk on Thursday? Since all three of the items, #25, 26, and 30, are on the same portion of the agenda, the Consent portion, theoretically you would only get one three-minute chance–that’s how the traditional rules cut it.. But since this new virtual system allows you to sign up on all three items individually, do so and play it by ear. The presider, Mayor Nirenberg, may allow you to address the items individually. The idea is to have one three-minute speech for all items prepared. And a three-minute speech for each item prepared should the occasion arise.

The rules also allow persons to yield their time to friends, up to three persons for one speaker’s chance of 9 minutes.

#Step 4.) Pass on this information to everyone you know will be interested. And join all your like-minded citizens at the virtual council meeting on Thursday. May God richly bless you!

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