Soaring Eagle

It’s about time.

“The following military units are headed to the U.S.-Mexico border to meet President Donald Trump’s directive to deploy active duty forces through Texas, California, Arizona and New Mexico. DoD now reports more than 7,000 troops will be tasked to support the Department of Homeland Security.”

“Carroll said Rasmussen does not speculate what is driving the higher black voter approval of Trump, but said if he had to guess, it would be the economy.

“I would think that black voters are highly rational and the economy is a key factor, the unemployment rate a key factor — everybody’s working.”

NB an MSM poll.

“ 85 percent said they are “either doing about as well financially as they were before Trump became president.”

“Taxes have been cut and the military funded. The economy is growing and as a country we are stronger and safer than during the last administration. Nancy Pelosi cannot raise taxes on her own as she needs the Senate and White House to play along, which won’t happen.

With an invading caravan filled with gang members and other assorted threats to the U.S., Trump can order the military to build his wall if Congress won’t fund it. The military is flush with cash after the two recent appropriations bills.”

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