Soaring Eagle

Maybe if the election cheaters were arrested, CA would not always be blue. And sanity would return.

“Bill and Hillary are so desperate to sell tickets to their 13-city tour dubbed “An Evening with the Clintons” that they have resorted to hawking tickets on Groupon for 60% off.

Even more pathetic, the Clintons had to use Groupon to sell their tour tickets in one of the most liberal places in the world – Los Angeles.

“The last time the unemployment rate was at 3.7% nearly a half century ago in 1969.  In 1969 the unemployment rate last reached 3.7% and that was 49 years ago.

After 2017’s record setting year in for the stock market, 2018 can now be referred to as the Trump economy’s year for jobs since we haven’t seen this record low unemployment in a half a century.”

“The President has a $100 billion initiative to deliver growth in urban communities through the Opportunity and Revitalization Council.“With the creation of today’s council, the resources of the whole federal government will be leveraged to rebuild low-income and impoverished neighborhoods that have been ignored by Washington in years past,” the president announced at a Wednesday event in the Roosevelt Room of the White House.“Our goal is to ensure that America’s great new prosperity is broadly shared by all of our citizens. Our country is doing better than ever, economically, and was able to do that.”

Our family was proudly part of this service.

“President Donald Trump made an unscheduled stop at Arlington National Cemetery on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Although it was not on his official schedule, the president traveled via motorcade to the cemetery, where Wreaths Across America volunteers were placing wreaths at the graves of soldiers.

The group coordinates wreath-laying ceremonies at veterans cemeteries all across the country, every year on December 15.”

Remember O saying, “This was a generational battle.”