Soaring Eagle

“About 750 people attended the event at Anaheim Convention Center,”

“Minority groups have seen significant gains in the record-breaking economic boosts, too. “The national unemployment rate has dropped to just 3.9%, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In July, unemployment for Hispanics hit a new record low at 4.5% and Black unemployment hit 5.9% in May, the lowest it’s been since 1972,” noted The Daily Wire.”

“Unions are one of the largest funders of the Democratic Party and hard-leftist causes. Other government employees can seek their constitutionally guaranteed freedom from union dues and membership from National Right to Work’s website,”

“A spokeswoman for Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley said that the office would “continue to vigorously defend Missouri’s commonsense regulations that protect women’s health and safety,” while the state Department of Health and Senior Services announced plans to “immediately begin enforcing the hospital privileges and physical plant requirements for abortion facilities.”

“The Census data showed that median household income increased in 2017 to $61,372, an increase of 1.8 percent after taking inflation into account, and is considered to be the highest on record.”

Good news but not for all. Who might be terrified of positive economic development?

“The continued decline in enrollment during these past few months is on pace with the steady decline in SNAP participation since 2013, and the decline seems to be continuingduring President Trump’s tenure in office.”


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