Have you contacted your supposed elected officials and let them know to oppose legalizing Abbott or any other governor’s ability to act in this unconstitutional manner? No whining without earning the right.

“ COVID lockdowns are the worst policy decisions in the past 50 years. As I explained in a commentary last July, the benefits are nonexistent, while the costs are immense and include unemployment, homelessness, suicide, depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, violence, abuse, and cancer, heart attacks, and other consequences of delaying healthcare. Now that the Legislature is in session, it has the opportunity to say “never again.”

Unfortunately, at least one legislative branch is poised to do the opposite. The Texas House GOP’s pandemic “reform” legislation, HB 3, doubles down on the policy disasters of the past year and ratifies the power of the governor to unilaterally shut down society, enact mask mandates, and do essentially anything the governor wants in response to a pandemic, with no legislative input whatsoever. It is the most insidious priority bill I’ve seen during the time I’ve been following the Texas Legislature.”

Rinaldi: House GOP Doubles Down on Lockdowns, Mask Mandates