“ It is for these reasons, we are urging Texans to call the Governor’s office, 512-463-1782 or 512-463-2000 and submit a comment at https://gov.texas.gov/contact and ask him to:

  1.            Veto SB 8and investigate the federal contract overreach with the potential to transfer control of state and local government assets and services to be subordinate to federal executive orders.
  2.            End all COVID-Related State of Emergency Orders that continues the federal overreach.  As of 10/25/21 COVID-19 emergency orders have expired in 24 statesincluding AK, FL, PA, etc.
  3.            Call for Senate and House hearings to investigate evidence of federal criminal conspiracy and racketeering actionsof the federal government as seen in patents, federal agency and public policy guidelines, and unprecedented use of Emergency Use Authorization of tests and vaccines.
  4.            Call for an immediate fourth special session to address these requests and complete the legislative priorities of the Republican Party of Texasand to codify Executive Order GA-39and pass legislation for a comprehensive ban on vaccine mandates.”

Visit www.TexasRightToKnow.com  and click on the ALERT – READ PRESS RELEASE button for more information.”