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What does “Election Fraud” and “Vaccine Injuries Cover-Up” have in common? 

Answer: Database manipulation

Now things are really heating up on both fronts.

👉 Mathew Crawford is diligently working on the DoD vaccine injury cover-up and has just published his latest findings in this article.

This is really important.

Mathew is working very closely with Thomas Renz to expose the fraud.

Whoever tried to cover up the truth is going to regret it. Mathew is an exceptional mathematician, statistician and data analyst, and his article is a must read for “data types”. There are many ideas and concepts that may be useful to our election fraud analysis.

Those who tried to conceal the truth about vaccine injuries in the DMED database should be VERY worried right now.

👉 Mike Lindell just released a report explaining the database manipulation that occurred in Mesa County, Colorado

We are seeing this type of database manipulation and more in many other counties and states.

Those who have manipulated the databases and voter rolls should be VERY worried right now.

Momentum is building. There is no doubt these thieves are operating from the same “playbook”.

Please share Mathew’s article and Mike’s report far and wide!

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