VAXing the Kiddoes

Vax “ One study published in Nature estimated “that the infection fatality ration [of COVID-19] is lowest among 5–9-year-old children.” That same publication has noted that children just aren’t safe from serious COVID-19 infection. Children “aren’t driving viral spread” and they don’t get infected or spread the infection like adults. For example, studies of some schools in Nebraska showed “were open the whole year with over 20,000 students and staff, and there were only 2 transmission events during that entire study period.”

The CDC concedes that “children are less likely to develop severe illness or die from COVID-19.” It notes that “findings from several studies suggest that SARS-CoV-2 transmission among students is relatively rare, particularly when prevention strategies are in place.” It reluctantly admits “several contact tracing studies have found limited student-to-student transmission in schools.”

These facts would seem to contradict the the legal and factual justifications necessary for giving the vaccine an EUA for kids aged 5-11.”