“ this is not freedom; it is license. It is libertinism — the freedom to damage your soul, certainly not the freedom to live honestly so as to merit paradise. True freedom is instead the ability to act within the limits of the good, and this is the freedom to which you ought to aspire. This the freedom that you ought to claim with courage and pride. This the freedom that “will set you free” (John 8:32).

It is freedom to choose not to be fooled by the promises of those who offer you a better eco-sustainable, inclusive, tolerant, resilient and gender-fluid future while forcing you to buy only the products they have made available on the internet, to order lunch and dinner via delivery, to be treated with telemedicine, to follow lessons via distance learning, and to not go into the office via “smart working.”

I am talking about the freedom to say no to those who — by envisaging progress in the world of work and enthusiastically showing you the free time you will be able to enjoy with reduced work hours — are reducing your salary, eliminating your union protections, depriving you of the means of subsistence for supporting a family, forcing you to live in ever smaller and more anonymous apartments that are always further in the outskirts of town. To say no to those who first deprive you of the autonomy of a job by creating unemployment and eliminating professional specializations, and then offering you the citizenship income by which to make you slaves — blackmailed by a State that decides under what conditions you can work.”