Voter Integrity

Consider the following. We can do both at the same time. Change procedures by contacting your representatives and expose corruption. Ultimately, if fair elections are not secured procedures do not matter.

Trump discussed the importance of establishing these laws during his speech last night. HOW we go about accomplishing this should be obvious by now.

Do we just ask the Democrats to adopt them?

Do we have Trump rally for 4 years and scream for them to adopt laws that they know would end the Democratic party?

Do we have freedom loving Patriots (who have been silenced on social media) make phone calls and emails that will never be answered or taken seriously? 🥱

ORRRR do we expose the evidence we have that shows unequivocally that the countries who own Joe Biden and the rest of the democrats just stole the United States presidency?

The ONLY way we will ever adopt voter ID laws is if the entire country were to be united in the understanding that globalists just rigged our election. It also wouldn’t hurt for everyone to understand WHY they attempted to steal it and what the repercussions would have been.