Voter Integrity

If I were in charge of all elections, here are my positions. Your mileage may vary.


1) all voter rolls dumped and all legitimate voters re-registered with appropriate means of confirmation to eliminate illegal or double registering of voters.

2) ban on all electronic elections equipment. Poll books, voting machines, tabulators.

3) paper and pen/pencil balloting, granted only with valid ID.

4) mail balloting illegal with exception of overseas military, legitimately disabled with appropriate approval and supervision, or professionals unable to vote on Election Day (doctors, pilots, etc).

5) no early voting. Counter with more and smaller precincts.

6) precincts under 1,000 voters.

7) ballot harvesting illegal and punishable by a decade in prison.

8) Election Day as a state or national holiday. A populist compromise that will eliminate fraud through the means of having weeks or over a month to execute.

9) winners announced by midnight. Somehow FL and TX can tally 10mm+ votes 90 minutes after polls close but PA needs 4 days and CA 4 weeks.

10) ten year Prison terms for anyone caught restricting access for members of any party to observe election procedure (TCF center, etc.), ballot harvesting, repeat scanning ballots, or any other means of distorting an election.

@Seth Keshel