We They People Showed Up

Over 6,000 Americans Attended ‘Anti-Election Fraud’ Training Programs | Facts Matter | 25 Aug 2022

The Tea Party Patriots have run training programs for citizens who want to be more involved in monitoring elections, helping them engage in 8 different steps of the electoral process including:

  • Being a poll watcher and poll worker
  • Getting to know those on your election board and watching their decisions
  • Researching the contracts and understanding processes for election boards
  • Understanding how absentee ballots work, and tracking them
  • Understanding election systems including paper and computers
  • Being present for logic and accuracy tests

What a great initiative. Would love to see more training like this available for patriots who want to get involved.

Last year’s training for Virginia is still free to watch online (registration required). Let us know if you’re aware of other similar training events that have been or will be available.

You can find out about becoming a poll worker at eac.gov/help-america-vote

Watch YouTube interview or full interview at EpochTimes.com