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Hand Counting Ballots In Smaller Counties

M_EDA points out some great facts in his latest post.

There are a lot of small counties that can easily hand count their ballots at a fraction of the cost.

Using machines to count ballots in small counties is expensive and unnecessary.

Here are some 2020 stats to ponder… Out of 3,100+ counties across the nation:

👉 1,345 counties had less than 10,000 total votes

👉 1,178 counties had total votes within the range of 10,000 to 50,000

That is a total of 2,523 counties have less than 50,000 total votes!

🚨 81% of counties across the nation have fewer than 50,000 votes 🚨

Using machines in these counties makes absolutely no sense.

# Hand Counting Assumptions

Hand counting ballots “in and of itself” will not guarantee “safe and secure” elections.

It hinges on the following preconditions:

– No ballot “trafficking”, which includes “harvesting” real ballots, as well as, “manufacturing” fake ones

–  A secure chain of custody for counting ballots and transferring the tallies

In real terms this means:

– No mail-in ballots

– Each county (or precinct) will be responsible for counting and reporting their tallies to the public directly.

The ballots must be counted in the location they were cast, and the final tallies should be held secret until the end of election night.

# Hand Counting Implications

Do not underestimate the strength with which the “establishment” will push back on these initiatives.

The minute a county puts in place these simple measures; the discrepancies (i.e. the fraud)  from previous elections will become blindingly obvious.

They know that, and will do everything in their power to prevent it from happening.

Things will only change when the majority of the electorate demand it.

It all starts by talking about these issues with your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues, by making them aware of the problem and how cheap and effective the “hand counting” solution really is.


Hand counting ballots in larger counties is very doable by creating lots of smaller precincts that will each be responsible for counting and reporting on their tallies.

For a more in depth commentary please read Captain K’s articles on “The Ten Points To True Election Integrity“.


KN for @ElectionFraud20_org

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