YouTube News et al

a major reason I am on Just say NO.

“By directly funding news content which it will then deliberately privilege on its platform, YouTube, like other Silicon Valley companies, is moving away from its former status as a neutral platform. It now risks being categorized as a publisher, with its own editorial line and its own point of view on what constitutes “authoritative” and “quality” news. If YouTube is legally categorized as a publisher, it will be legally liable for all content hosted on the site — a potentially costly liability that neutral online platforms are not subject to.

On this, YouTube is following the lead of other Silicon Valley masters of the universe, including Apple and Facebook. The latter recently announced it will partner with 80 undisclosed publications to produce exclusive news content ahead of the midterm elections.”

Google News

“In June 2017, Google announced changes to Gmail that would halt scanning the contents of a user’s email to personalize advertisements to ‘keep privacy and security paramount.’ Last week, reports surfaced that in spite of this policy change, Google still permitted third parties to access the contents of users’ emails, including message text, email signatures, and receipt data, to personalize content,” the letter proclaimed. “In the context of free services offered by third parties, these practices raise questions about how representations made by a platform are carried out in practice.”

Facebook News

Faux News, try out

“How many of you know websites who decided to rely on Facebook for their distribution? Rather than invest in their own infrastructure and build up their own website, they decided to take advantage of the opportunities Facebook offered, and they established online businesses via Facebook. And then all of a sudden Facebook decides that some of these sites are violating privacy rights and free speech rights.

They’re too controversial; they’re too extreme. You know as well as I do that Facebook and Twitter are identifying conservative sites and conservative content, and they’re getting rid of it, right?”