Summer ’86: Part XVI Addendum

Well, now you can revert back to Summer ’86: Part XVI (paragraph four on page 25) for a continuation of the travelogue.  I apologize for the diversion, but I didn’t want you to miss one scintillating moment of my journey.  I was so thankful that I had taped the entire odyssey along with keeping a mileage log at every gas stop.  The truth be known, I actually typed this travelogue 20 years after the fact in the summer of ’06.   It goes without saying I had to be careful not to print anything that was around now in 2006 but unheard of in the mid-80s.  I was constantly reminding myself of any discrepancies that I might accidentally print.  One incident in particular was at the Yosemite campground where I asked young Tommy what he missed most after spending five days in the mountains.  My first inclination was to mention Pac Man or some video games, but I wasn’t quite sure if they were in vogue at the time, so I dismissed the idea to be safe.  In retrospect, I wonder if I was right on.

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