Summer ’86: Part XXVII

Okay, now I want to continue this saga under the guise of Autumn of ‘86 with an abbreviated account of my trip to Boston to see my beloved Red Sox clinch the American League Pennant. Ol’ Blue’s pistons had barely enough time to cool down when I started packing warm clothing for the trip to the “Far East”.  In reality, there was a three-week calm before I left on September 24th with the customary stop at Mimosa Lane.  Mom was about to pull her hair out, exclaiming, “Another trip so soon!” After calming her down, I said, “I’m on a mission here to have a once in a lifetime experience.  Trust me.”

I headed east by northeast through Little Rock and Memphis looking up several old ex-Columbia University classmates.  My next stop was in Knoxville to visit one of Mom’s dear friends “Boo” Farrior.  We dinned out at a fine restaurant having a great time. Afterwards, I reposed in Ol’ Blue under the cover of Ms. Farrior’s carport.  I continued east to Durham, NC for a short visit with my lady friend from Dallas, Ann Coburn who had checked in at venerable Duke University’s Weight Loss Clinic.  Sadly to say, I didn’t notice any improvement in Ann’s obesity problem.  I hooked up with I-95 in Virginia and spent the night behind a Holiday Inn in Alexandria.  I was awaken in the middle of the night by a banging noise on the passenger-side door.  I jumped out of bed and yelled, “Hey!” I must have scared the daylight out of the would-be perpetrator as he went scurrying away to his get-away car.  The object of his affection was obviously my 9-inch B&W TV strapped in plain sight to the back of the easy chair. From then on, I made it a point to cover the black box with a towel (when I returned home, I immediately fabricated a mock stereo speaker box to fit snuggly over the TV).

I stopped in Philadelphia for a short visit with an old architect buddy from my days at RNL in Denver.  It never ceased to amaze me how many of my friends had dispersed to all corners of the country.  I took the Jersey Pike to the Big Apple where I stopped only to call several friends from my graduate year at Columbia U. I meandered around Manhattan for a while and then crossed the East River into Yonkers for a rather unceremonious night’s sleep in some retail strip’s parking lot.