Catholic Tradition and the Patriotic Question

Gratia non tollat naturam, sed perficiat: Grace does not eliminate nature, but rather completes it, Saint Thomas Aquinas tells us, thereby marking the metaphysical and theological divide of modernity. On one side of the divide, we find the Catholic tradition, which has always taught that the power of the sacraments heals human nature and bring it to its rightful state of perfection as an image of God.

On the other side we find utopian, neo-gnostic revolutionaries who reject Aquinas’s dictum, who see human nature as a prison from which the Gospel liberates us. Since patriotism is part of said human nature, the campaign to abolish nationality is best understood as one of the most hotly contested fronts in a larger campaign to abolish man.”

“Last fall, Mosher said, the Bejing city government deemed there were too many people living in the city and summarily evicted three million people who had emigrated there for work but lacked the proper documentation.

“They were basically thrown out into the snow in the middle of winter,” Mosher said. “

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