Church in China

“The pre-Christmas raids are part of an escalating crackdown on house churches and unsanctioned Christian, as part of an effort by the Xi regime to secure absolute control over all religious activities in the country. So far this year, there have been more than 10,000 cases of Christians being detained in China, compared with just over 3,000 cases for the whole of last year, according to Bob Fu of China Aid, a U.S.-based Christian non-profit organization. The government has enacted amendments to the Religious Affairs Regulation, giving local officials greater power to act against churches and impose penalties for “unauthorized religious gatherings.”

“The temperature in the northern town reached a low of -23°C (-9.4°F) that day.

According to Asia News, police and workmen began to destroy the Qiqihar convent there, smashing windows and ripping down doors. The destruction continued through the next day, although the nuns managed to convince authorities to preserve a chapel and part of a building used as a residence. There is no indication in the report that any of the sisters were physically harmed.

The “underground” bishop of the diocese, Wei Jingyi, a few priests and some lay people “tried to dialogue with the authorities to find a solution and a compromise,” Asia News reported.

“The nuns sent messages asking for prayers and support, along with videos showing the progress of the destruction,” it continued.”

“When she resisted the abortion, they threatened that her brother “would suffer the consequences.” She knew this meant he would be detained in an internment camp. To protect her brother she agreed to the abortion.

After the abortion, the police took her brother to the internment camp anyway.”

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