Fides & Ratio

“G. K. Chesterton once suggested that the family was the main check on state power and that weakening it would destroy freedom. Chesterton was writing about divorce, and here another critical difference emerges between today’s debates and the way the issue was framed by Dawson and Zimmerman and theorists they cite. While homosexuality, abortion, pornography, and other cultural issues on today’s family-values agenda do appear in their writings, they are not central. The recurring issue throughout Western history that seems to be the most direct cause of marriage and family breakdown is divorce.

Most Americans know from personal experience that the most direct and common threat to the family today is not the marriage of two homosexuals but divorce within families. Divorce now threatens most families and every society in the Western world. Not only is it multiplying single-parent homes among the affluent as welfare did among the poor; it now poses a serious threat to privacy, civil liberties, and constitutional government, as children are forcibly taken from their parents on a variety of divorce-related pretexts and parents who resist are taken away in handcuffs.

Most people know someone whose children and private life have been placed under government supervision through divorce, very likely without the person’s consent. Yet even many who think of themselves as conservatives do not raise as a public issue this flagrant restriction of freedom.”

PP collecting money from taxpayers, some of whom are vehemently opposed to human sacrifice. Then using that money to elect Dem candidates. Soros does not need to use his own money to influence policy. I thought that what when on in the bedroom is a private matter not public policy. “the argument Planned Parenthood should be making: It’s open, honest, and shows their true beliefs. Whether abortion is a fundamental human right or not, that is the “pro-choice” perspective, and so it’s the justification they are obligated to use in this debate. Regardless of which side you’re on, Dr. Wen does at least deserve a little recognition for her honesty.”

Future proves past.

“Concerned with the homogenizing and stultifying effects of television upon culture, Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 depicts an America that had degenerated into a state of utter inanity, where reading is a lost art and people spend more quality time with strangers on video screens than with their own family and neighbors.  “No one in his right mind,” laughs one character, conveying this society’s inverted values, “would have children!”  The women who do have children automatically turn to Caesarian sections—not for medical reasons, but for convenience and to sidestep the pains of childbirth.”

An excellent resource for any serious study of Scripture. When was the last time you treated yourself?

“About a quarter of Italy’s adult population regularly visits astrologers, psychics, and tarot card readers, according to the consumer organization Codacons. It is precisely this sort of occult activities, Father Benigno Palilla said, that “open the door to the devil and to possession.””

PP an abomination to civilized people.

“During her presidential campaign, Hillary vowed to protect animals from cruelty and abuse.  And yet, Hillary is elated over her bill to allow abortion doctors to deliver a nine-month-old baby except for the head, then shove scissors into his brain to kill him.  This barbaric, shameful, and evil procedure is called partial-birth abortion.

In 2011, Hillary cosponsored the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act to end the slaughter of horses for their meat.  Meanwhile, Hillary passionately defends Planned Parenthood, which kills babies for their meat, selling dead baby body parts – intact heads sell for premium prices.  Planned Parenthood has made over $100 million selling aborted baby parts.”

Can maybe one prelate organize a postcard campaign from the pews saying, “Thank you”? One,just one?

PP needs to be assigned to the dustbin of history. Only thought of with sadness & revulsion. “Planned Parenthood for years has been smearing us trying to say the videos were not accurate or somehow misleading,” Daleiden said in an interview with Federalist contributor DC McAllister. “The Fifth Circuit explicitly found in their ruling last night that the Center for Medical Progress’ videos are authentic…and could be relied upon by Texas and by others as the regulatory and other enforcement proceedings.”

The science is consistent for the area tested. The carbon testing does not disprove the dating of the Shroud to first century AD. “Given the conditions through which the Shroud has passed, the Italian research team concluded that the carbon-testing conducted in 1988, which dated the Shroud’s origins to between 1260 and 1390, was not valid. They argue that the samples were taken from a very polluted corner which was also restored. “