Justice not Vengeance

“ They want to negotiate with terrorists (which is what the Democratic leadership has become) – with your life and liberty.This time, there must be severe and draconian consequences when this all lifts. How do you handle people who willingly decimate an economy, destroy millions of lives and livelihoods, and literally kill hundreds of thousands to secure and advance their own power? Some have obliquely suggested yardarms and firing squads. I am not a fan of that. Besides having moral qualms, it would be a tactical mistake – inflaming many when we will be in need of major reconstruction and reconciliation. But they cannot just be retired to enjoy their pensions. If so,  a few years down the line we will have a new generation of ambitious men think it a good gambit to sell their soul for a little transitory temporal power and be back in crisis.I think we had best plan to reopen Alcatraz after the reckoning comes and start working to set up large prison colonies in remote areas of Alaska. The worst offenders can be housed in Alcatraz until the prison colonies start to come online. And yes, I am talking about banishing Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, AOC and the rest of her squad, Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger and every single official who actively targeted Americans’ liberty. It will be sufficient, to me, to ban the useful idiots such as McConnell and Lindsey for life from any position of public trust. We have to handle this in a way that does not descend into an orgy of violence but makes clear to generations to come that targeting people’s lives and liberty is a deadly dangerous way to secure fleeting power.Make no mistake: the heart of the battle is still ahead. ”