The Heinousness of Sin

My dear Lord and Savior, how can I make light of that which has had such consequences! Henceforth I will, through your grace, have deeper views of sin than before. Fools make jest of sin, but I will view things in their true light. My suffering Lord, I have made you suffer. You are most beautiful in your sufferings! Your adorable attributes are not dimmed but are increased to us as we gaze on your humiliation. You are most beautiful to us than before. But still I will never forget that it was man’s sin, my sin, which made that humiliation necessary. Amor meus crucifixus est– my Love is crucified, by none other than me. I have crucified you; my sin has crucified you. O my Savior what a dreadful thought- but I cannot undo it. All I can do is hate that which made you suffer. Shall I not do that at Least? Shall I not love my Lord just so much as to hate that which is so great an enemy of his and to break off all terms with it? Shall I not put off sin altogether? By your great love of me, teach me and enable me to do this, O Lord. Give me a deep, rooted, intense hatred of sin.”

            Bl. John Henry Newman, Everyday Meditations, (Sophia Institute Press: Manchester, NH 2013) 58-59