2020 Election Remarks

Ties to Lent, suffering, a winter, a time of intense hope, grow in virtue

Hopeful is not when one have everything, now double down on prayer and Trust in Him, work all to the good, beg gifts of the Holy Spirit result of Confirmation, baptism Fortitude, counsel, wisdom,

Cunning serpents & gentle as doves. Pacificism is not a teaching of the Church. We are the Church Militant. Spiritual warfare

Grace builds on nature. Lose life to save it. People in power do not love God, Church, enemies.

Horror Joe going to Mass before ‘inauguration’ consigning children to death by abortion.

In OH, prolife Mass Jan 22 (bishops notoriously silent not everywhere). Radical abortionism Stormed into cathedral. Bishops in corner, no moral leg when people break into cathedrals. No difference between these abortionists and Joe.

Lord says to choose to prudently chose life. No consolation in election. Nothing to pin hopes. In absolute lack appeal to supernatural hope.

Spiritual bootcamp.

Did not watch hoor show of ‘inauguration’ involved with politicos.

Similarly, with Church action with regards Benedict’s removal power to Trump.

The hope benedict would come back after Bergoglio’s problems. 8 ½ yrs later no Benedict.

Same place of wonderment of Trump, will he somehow make another appearance. Does he have more strength than Benedict?

Trump a nascent Christian compared to a man with multiple seals and graces at his disposal should Trump come back.

W Bush went to JPII make the bishops be more prolife. Horrible a Protestant asking for integrity from bishops to the Catholic Pope.

Long plan, long duration, slow incremental change over time. Many saw things didn’t like. Removed from the culture. ‘Voted with feet’.

Students created after Sara education. Same for politicians terribly formed.

Czech experience reminiscent under Commies. Masks, lockdowns, social separation, conditioning, a much the same. In America worse. Czech raised as Christians. In America children raised to be socialist.

Reflection of a meeting former ambassador to Venezuela & Cuba before Nov 3. After hours of poll watching, Crony capitalism, grassroots activist. With my training and connections I should have raised my voice that it is coming to America.

Voting Machines from Venezuela and Cuba. These former ambassadors tried to wake us up, USA has a problem

None of us ready for spiritual battle. Time given to us. Lord given us a moment of grace, what will we do with this time.

Bishops make a decision. Church history, bishops mostly ide with secular state. Rare bishop who stands up to power. Unusual. Vast majority of Catholics went to bed Saturday, following day bishops looked people out.  Prefer secular comforts to the Cross.

Time to prepare, pray, become stronger in prudence, wisdom, counsel. Time of great hop. We have nothing.

Our Lord does not leave us. David had 3 rocks, only needed 1, sword of Goliath used against him.

Time of great hope. Same diligence as the swiss chard. Recognize the plant within the seed.

Now Trump surround him in prayer & love. Beg graces for Trump. If only thing Trump comes fully into the Church the debacle of the election is worth it.

Pray for President Trump and those who guide and protect him. Hope. If the Lord provides a Red Sea or Promised Land moment don’t be the one left behind. Because the people but a construct on the power of God.

Some Jews stayed in Egypt. We have a choice. Must take the time to beg God grace of faith, hope & charity. Essential. Sealed in Holy Spirit not powerless against darkness. We are fully equipped. Mature the gifts of the Holy Spirit when there is no consolation in the winter.

Our God defeated death with death. Priests hold health in the hands every time off mass. He obeys them during consecration. He obeys the priest at the Holy Mass.

Hostage in tiniest of tabernacle. True presence. A time of great hope. Hope does not look happy. Hope is not happy clappy trap. Our Lady on Holy Saturday epitomizes hope. Filled with faith in God is awesome, in expectation, put His love in action.

Faith: Key to Heart of God Fr. John Hampsch. Confident faith. Use to in lent, renew, repent, Holy spirit help in reforming own life. Use time to whatever Lord calls us t. Armor of God now or time we will fall. WE don’t in and of ourselves do not have strength.