A Mary Garden Roses & Violets VIII

  1. Most Humble Violet p 329 St. Bernard, “Humility is the foundation and guardian of the virtues.”

St. Teresa of Avila,” Humility is truth.” Mary knew she had never offended God. She also knew that she had received more graces from God than all other creatures. A humble heart always acknowledges the special favors of the Lord in order to humble itself all the more. But the Blessed Mother, because of the greater light which made her aware of the infinite greatness and goodness of God, was also aware of her own nothingness. That is why she humbled herself more than everybody else.

Consider the exchange between Our Lady and Elizabeth, Mary refers everything back to the Lord, “My soul magnifies the Lord.” (Lk 1:46) You praise me Elizabeth, but I praise the Lord to whom alone all honor is due.

Again, Our Lady says, “He has regard for the lowliness of his handmaid.” (Lk 1:48) or God has exalted my nothingness.

When Our Lord says apart from you can do nothing He is truthful and sincere and this applies also to Our Lady.

Again, a soul that is truly humble does not allow herself to be praised. And if praises are showered on her, she refers them all to God.

It is also characteristic of humility to serve others. Mary did not hesitate to go and help Elizabeth. Humility is fundamental to all the virtues, including charity.

St. Teresa of Avila,” Humility is truth.” Perfect self-awareness.

Simple ways to foster the virtue of humility:

Learn to give and receive compliments. Humility does not imply low self-esteem. Say thank you. Embrace that God the Father wants a relationship with me, and He sent His precious Son to show me. Rather humility is about honesty, with ourselves, our sincere dealings with others, and readily acknowledging our shortcomings. Thank you and I am sorry are still in fashion.

Our Lord condescends to love us. The dignity of this movement. I was wonderfully made.

Present to the realness of something. Whittaker Chambers from communist atheist to Christian noticed the creation of the ear on his child. Perfectly configured to the job necessary. He knew he was created for a purpose by someone.

Take one daffodil and really looked it, the softness of the petals, texture. Someone created it. Intricacy of the flower. Everyone has something of its own. Individuality wonder and awe come in, breeds humility within the soul.

Develop a heart of gratitude. Avoid bragging and seeking the spotlight. Listen when others are speaking. Look for the gifts in others. Every person has at least one good quality.