Angels At Our Side Heavenly Army, Help! I

I Introduction

Prior to 2020, public conversation of demonic and evil forces arrayed against both society and the family were spoken of in select groups and with soft voices. Not so in 2021. The chorus of many voices joined around the world talking openly of the evil doers in open warfare against the innocent.

The breadth of tyranny and rampant corruption in both ecclesiastical and civic realms is almost total. There are pockets of resistance and honesty but in the main not so much. In Texas, 675K votes were stolen. 60K in Bexar County alone. Minimum. To have that many votes stolen, means an inordinate number of people involved at all levels- judges, election officials, ‘elected’ officials, DA, police, etc…

SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) victims continue to come forward in both Catholic and Protestant circles talking about the systemic network of abuse spanning decades. The tragedy of the First Nations in Canada joins those of other countries, Poland, Germany, Ireland.

The one bright spot of growth (measured in baptisms, formation, Mass attendance etc…) in the Catholic Church, is the traditional Mass, and it is being persecuted not celebrated. It joins a long list of such holy institutions similarly marginalized, i.e. JPII Institute.

The Church Militant must have recourse to the host of heavenly armies. Without the help of these spiritual beings, man does not stand a chance the assaults of demons. Our Blessed Lord knows we need these helpers, that is why He gave us many angels as support, not just our Guardian Angel (s).

Our time is one of unbelieving of spiritual natural, lack of spirituality result of Modernist movement, everything tangible. Left for prey to demonic realm since there is no recourse to the angelic realm. The Lord does not make cowards courageous. He equips those who already sought to strengthen selves in regards to spiritual fight. Not simple flesh & blood. Some feel impotent, but we are not without divine assistance.

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