Angels At Our Side Heavenly Army, Help! II


II Spiritual Warfare

SS fight against principalities Eph 6:12

Baptism confers the three-fold office of priest, prophet, king. CCC #1270

King, rule with Christ

Seated us with Him in heavenly places Eph 2:6

Seated means authority rule and to command

We must mature in our understanding of the power and authority we have been given by Christ to advance His kingdom. LK 9:1, Lk 10:19 Delegated power and authority from Jesus

Rulers, Kings and Queens, know where their arsenal and troops are found.

Rapidly moving to totalitarian society, absolute rejection of personal responsibility and personal authority. One has authority to do duties. Do what one must.

People rejecting authority, we don’t want personal duties, abrogate authentic responsibility, giving away our freedom. Health, car payments, college payments, don’t want the responsibility.

Give freedom away become a slave, Satan happy at our slavery.

Yielding their kingships unnecessarily get slavery.

Thought experiment, lets suppose society has access to a typical VAX for Covid without the severe physical and moral problems of what is on the market.

Can the government mandate a forced medical treatment? My answer is No. It is my responsibility for my medical care. Once cede power to government, it is very hard getting it back.

Humane Vitae Paul VI moving away from society based on liberty, to one based on license. Government does not guarantee rights from Creator. We cannot licitly separate to these rights, try, become slaves and not free.

HV if you grant permission to say this okay, government permission to mandate its use. Not just issue for birth control.

Mandatory vaccination heart human having awareness of themselves and autonomy imbued in them by God.

Tired, love neighbor. That is 2nd clause of 2 part commandment. Love God above all things. Pious platitude of second part of second clause is suspect.

Oxygen masks in plane, but on put own mask on before another.

Vaccine I love you in so far as myself. One cannot say take it or not.