Angels At Our Side Heavenly Army, Help! III


III Angels a vast troop at our disposal

Enlisting the Angels Help St Peter Faber is an excellent model of using angels in spiritual battle.[1]

“St. Peter Faber was just one man, but he had an army of guardian angels on his side. Peter travelled on foot through Germany, Spain, and Portugal to preach and teach. Whenever he entered a new town, or region to speak, Faber asked for help from his guardian angel and the guardian angels of all the people who would hear him speak. Their combined spiritual power was very effective. St Peter Faber liked to call himself “God’s broom”. He felt that God was using him to sweep away sin, indifference, and errors of the faith.”

Reflects own life sees angelic intercession and assistance in own life. More engaged with guardians see this more. Have a guardian angel feast, Jesus says children’s angels before the Father every day. Such a consolation in the midst of things going wrong.

In heaven, we add nothing to glory, but in Dante angels become more illuminated by cooperating with them.

Only 1/3 angels fell. Good out numbers bad 2:1. Angels know that the fight is greatly outnumbered.

Incidental, parking space or preaching of the Gospel by Fr. Faber.

Help us find lost children. Tremendous help.

IV Mortimer Adler

Born 1902 Jewish immigrants from Germany in Manhattan NY. Non-observant Jew homelife.

Dropped out of school at 14 yr copy boy for New York Sun

Took night classes for writing and discovered the western philosophical tradition. He would write one of his seminal works 10 Philosophical Mistakes in 1985 after a lifetime of intense thought.

In his early 20’s discovered Thomas Aquinas and the Summa.

Converted to Episcopal Church, the faith of his wife in 1984

After his wife’s death (1998), he converted to Catholicism in 1999

He is considered a Catholic Philosopher in the Neo Thomasist movement by the Catholic Philosophical Association

Died June 28, 2001 at age 98 yrs

Adler is worthy of being read. He illuminates topics. Adler given so much, slow boiling pot, granted him many years to come to fullness of the faith.

[1] Catherine Odell & Margaret Savitskas, Angels of the Lord 365 Reflections on Our Heavenly Guardians (Our Sunday Visitor, Huntington, IN 2016) 224