Angels At Our Side Heavenly Army, Help! IV


V Angels A Primer from Adler’s book Angels and Us Article of Faith[1], not possible to be rationally proved unlike existence of God. Written June 1981 40 yrs anniversary! Adler 78 yrs when wrote Angels & Us.

  1. Raison d’etre for angles in the Divine plan is not the mission they perform on the earth but in the perfection of the created universe[2] The life of angels, even those assigned tasks on earth consists in what they do in heaven. There first position is to God.
  2. Angels do influence human affairs in many ways. They carry messages from God. They can act directly on physical environments, and thus effect the actions of humans.
  3. Part of acting on physical environments is assuming bodies. They are not real bodies (Dante shades) like ours but are necessary for communicating with us. Cannot perform any of the vital functions, i.e. reproduction, that bodies perform.
  4. They cannot directly force humans to act. This would violate humans freewill. Rather they influence in indirect ways. They can influence our senses and imaginations and thereby inspire thoughts and ideas.
  5. Angels do not know the future, only God’s omniscience knows that. Not omni-present.
  1. Angel’s knowledge: they know themselves reflexively, know other angels, and they know the corporeal things of this world (lower rank of knowledge). Pg 80
  1. 7. Angelic nature endowed with love. They love that what God loves as He made them from love.

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Angels astounding creation. Not provable by reason but not against reason. Aristotle fitting angelic realm to be there. Pure matter, dogs, man, angelic realm (pure spiritual, divine perfection.

Fits the order, beauty, order lacking if angels are not there.

Only created being argue man out existence of angels is Satan. Satan powerful when denied.

Satan has not power, his ‘power’ is one of negation.  Only an appearance of something.

x-y axis. To the right is positive, to the left is negative a reflection but diminishing, a negation.

Denying him, give most appearance of power.

[1] Mortimer Adler, The Angels and Us (Touchstone Reissue edition: Coppell, TX 1993) 100

[2] Adler 69