Angels At Our Side Heavenly Army, Help! VI

V How do We Command Angels? With humility in accord with God’s Holy will. #6, #7 and St Faber’s posture.

As Angels, they know and love God, themselves, each other, and us.

  1. We can press into this truth, and in humility ask as opposed to command their combined help.
  2. Humility informs our inferior understanding. Boldness in being a true prince or princess encourages us to help us in our time of need. Timidity is not humility. in the face of monstrous evil, a lion heart is required. i.e. Aslan & the children hearts of virtue aside from Edmund. Boldness but not arrogance.

Angels far greater wisdom than we. They ore what we are asking is good for us, in a very profound way. Have only our best interest at heart, surrender to their discretion. Liberating know that they will help us in the best way.

Angels our human intellect is small compared to both God and the angels.

Bad angels manipulate intellect. Seraph, Lucifer, manifest himself most humans will worship outside of grace.

Soros seems to have talent to make money, not taken from him though he does not promote authentic goodness.

Fallen seraph Satan is defeatable by lower rank of angels because of union with God. Michael Who is like unto God.