Angels At Our Side Heavenly Army, Help! VII

  1. Practical Tips:

A Life of Holiness, steeped in a personal walk with the Lord is vital. Fr. Faber could call on the angels for help because he lived a life of heroic virtue.

Practice listening for your angel’s insights.

Intellect darken by sinfulness, arrogance, pride. Sin makes one stupid. Light analogy angel, luminescence. Light bulb above the head. Dark cannot overcome light & goodness.

Immerse life in understanding and loving our Lord. Psalms, Church Fathers, great books like those by Adler, holy friends, etc…

Journaling, One Way of Listening to Your Angel

Pick a quiet place and time. Schedule at least 30 minutes depends on the ability to quieten the mind. Takes time to quiet the mind.

Journal & pen or keyboard.

Confess any sins, faults and failings ask for forgiveness and mercy.

Ask the Lord what He wants you to know. Ask your angel(s) to help your heart hear them better.

Write what comes to your mind. Don’t edit, don’t over rationalize. Later when prayer time is over, you can proofread it.

In the beginning, it might be hard to distinguish between my own thoughts and the heavenly realm, but with time and practice it gets easier. God wants to talk to us. Our angels want to help us and they know the better we can understand them, the easier it is for us.

Moment of quiet, Tridentine form of Mass silence for the soul. In a noisy world there is a fear to be alone with one’s thoughts. Our Lord speaks in the whisper. Grow in spirituality find respite in Him, silence. Bring our guardian angels to serve us. Angels childlike delight & happiness & joy in helping us.

What about evil spirits who pose as spirits of light? Always ask, who is Jesus to you? Note fruits peace or agitation. Ask a spiritual director for clarification.

Become aware of their presence. Flicks of light, aromas, unexpected visitors, insights of thoughts, ….

Fear or mockery is a killer of faith.

Dante’s Divine Comedy. Meet the devils in hell, holy angels through purgatory, deep meditation of ranks of heaven. Beautiful work. See how devils operate. Union of saints & angels in heaven. Not divinely inspired like scripture but inspired for the person. Over 700 yrs speak to human person worthy of a gander.

VII. Angels Cannot Impose upon our Free Will, but they can be invited to help with humility. We can ask them to bring all the heavenly needed for the task requested. Lean into their strengths and love for us through the Father’s heart.