Baptism in the Apostolic & Patristic Period Pre Constantine & Nicaea Era VI

VII Conclusion- Practical Advise Read Bish Schneider’s 3-fold baptism

Who baptized you? (in conversation with Diane Montagna)

Bsp Schneider[1], “Now this is a very nice story. I was already baptized and was one year old when BlessedFr. Oleksiy can to celebrate Mass at our home. He celebrated the Mass secretly, and my mother put me in the cradle to the side of where Father was celebrating. I became an altar boy at one year old! There were no priests in Kyrgyzstan, and only very rarely would a priest come secretly. My mother could not leave me without baptism- it was impossible for her. So, one week after my birth, she baptized me herself because she knew her catechism well, and she knew it was possible.

Your family was very well formed in the faith (goal of my website in general and Garden of Graces in particular

Bsp Schneider continues, “As I said earlier, they read the catechism even during forced labor. They were always repeating basic contents of their good German catechism and they had written down the most important Catholic truths.

To baptize me, my mother took a prayer book, in which the baptismal formula was present. She spoke the words as she poured that water over me, and when she finished, she looked up at my father and asked, “Did I do this correctly?” And my father said, “I don’t know.” And then she said, “Well, I have to repeat it.” And she repeated the entire ceremony. Again, she poured the water over me, pronouncing the words, and then she felt reassured that it had been properly. I was baptized Antonius after St. Anthony of Padua. Six months later, a Jesuit priest, Fr. Antonius Seskevicius, came from Lithuania and told all the German mothers to bring the babies who had not been baptized by a priest because he wanted to make sure we were baptized. My mother brought me to him and I was “baptized” for the third time. So, I have no doubt about the validity of my baptism!

Much to comment on: solid faith of the parents in spite of persecution, the ardent desire to share the very best to their son, the compassion of Holy Mother Church, the thoroughness of the priest “re-baptizing”, the handing on of their personal narratio within the larger narratio of the economy of salvation, cf Catechism. Note the adjective “good” catechism. Underling my emphasis.

Sad no intention of baptizing grandchildren. Doesn’t take long sin makes one stupid.

Not that people love evil, rather bored with goodness. Overwhelming amount of pleasure available to us. Removes the fast, feast is meh. Children stuffed. Weep when they are not hungry for good things.

Presumption on what the Lord wants us to. Cyprian Carthage 250 not their idea. More in align under persecution.

Want creates demand. Begin in ones wealth to lack His grace, those things will be removed.

Baptism Date connection made by loving families. Older children have concrete memories of younger siblings. Prepare for baptism anniversary with fasting.

Birthday important entered into humanity. Similarly, with the anniversary of baptism. Look and research what are the dates. Pass this onto children. 2 days before offer up fasting to celebrate it.

St. Martin of Tours Nov 11

VIII Addendum Printed in entirety for Reflection

The Sacrament (Mystery) of Christian Baptism St Cyprian of Carthage[2]

From a Letter written to a new convert, 246 A.D.

I promise to share with you the grace God in His great mercy has shown me, and to tell you as simply as I can what I have experienced since I was baptized.

Until that time, I was still living in the dark, knowing nothing of my true life. I was completely involved in this world’s affairs, influenced by all its changing moods and troubles, and exiled from the light of truth.

I had indeed been told that God offered men and women a second birth, by which we could be saved, but I very much doubted that I could change the kind of life I was then living.

Frankly, I could not see how a person could cast off his fallen nature, and be changed in heart and soul while he still lived in the same body as before. How was it possible, I asked myself, to change the habits of a lifetime instantaneously.

How can one suddenly rid oneself of accumulated guilt and break with sin that has become so deeply rooted in one’s life? Can a man whose life has been characterized by feasting and luxury, learn frugality and simplicity in a single moment? A person who craves public distinction and honor cannot bear to be passed over and unnoticed.

Another who is accustomed to throngs of flattering attendance, takes it a terrible penance to be left alone. Is every species of temptation suddenly to lose its force? Should we no longer feel the enticement of wine and good living, where pride no longer swells our heads or anger blazen our breasts? Shall we no longer be troubled by covetousness or cruelty or ambition or lust?

These were my thoughts. My past life was so burdened with so many sins, that I saw no way ever to be rid of, that I had grown accustomed to giving way to my weakness.

I despaired of ever being any better.
Consequently, I simply humored my evil inclinations, and made no attempt to combat them.

But at last I made up my mind to ask for Baptism. I went down into those life-giving waters, and all the stains of my past were washed away.

I committed my life to the Lord. He cleansed my heart and filled me with His Holy Spirit. I was born again, a new man.

And then in a most marvelous way, all my doubts cleared up, I could now see what had been hidden from me before. I found that I could do things that had previously been impossible.

I saw that as long as I had been living according to my lower nature, I was at the mercy of sin, and my course was set for death. But that by living according to my new birth in the Holy Spirit, I had already begun to share God’s eternal life. You know, as well as I do, what sins I died to at that moment, just as you know the gifts the Holy Spirit gave me with my new life. I have no desire to boast, but it is surely Page 1 of 2 sacrament-baptism-cyprian-of-carthage.doc

right to thank God for His free gift. It was through faith in Him, that I received the power to break with the sins into which my own folly had led me.

We have received the seal of the Holy Spirit. Our task now is to preserve the integrity of what we have received by living a truly Christian life. We must give time to prayer, and to the study of scripture. Now speaking to God; now listening to His word to us, and letting His teaching mold us. He has enriched us with a treasure no one can take away.

We have eaten and drunk at His heavenly banquet, and can never again know the pinch of poverty.

[1] Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Christus Vincit, Christ’s Triumph Over the Darkness of the Age (Angelico Press: Brooklyn, NY 2019) 11-12

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