Catholic Art What is it? II

1955 Golden Age of America

Wages high, interest rates, lows, goods & service low

1 income could support a family and pay off the mortgage (death note)

That allowed an opportunity for creative thought and an economic boom

Today, most families cannot do this, time deprived, impacts many things, including art.

Irony of Modern Age difference of production for utilitarian vs production for joy.

Equality- numeric, vs justice

Productivity judged only by monetization

  1. Art in Old Testament, prohibition of idols

Ex 20:4; Deut 5:8 forbids creating graven images, against the idol worship of the surrounding peoples

However, the employment of craftsmanship and beauty is found in the adornment of Tabernacle and Temple Leviticus.

Ex/ Mercy seat with 2 golden cherubim Ex 25:18-22, walls & roof of Tabernacle with figures of cherubim Ex 26:1. Some biblical scholars remark that the artistry with the Tabernacle & Temple evoked the Garden of Eden

Reformation, period of Iconoclasm destroyed anything with beauty. Willing take some words literal, worship of images, as opposed Jn 6 this is My Body. Also pertains to graven images. Relates to imaginative powers of the person.

Unwillingness to see God present in artistry.