Catholic Art What is it? III

III. Jesus, Incarnation, God- Man

The Divine had manifested in Jesus a true man it was acceptable to make images of Him just as it was of the saints. If people could see Jesus with their eyes, hear Him with their ears, and touch Him with their hands, He was capable of being reproduced. Intentionally endowed within His Body.

Everything after Incarnation, all must change. Percept what can perceive experience with senses, sensual, engage of reality of world with 5 senses, create percept within the mind.

Can draw it out with some other means.

After Incarnation existential, sensual experience with Our lord. We can imagine Him with us. Interior perception of God- Man interacting with us.

Man as a co-creator with God can bring this experience to others.

> Christocentric, rule of faith (credo), & ecclesial

Cave art

Theology Queen of sciences

Cave men 50,000 France or Pecos trials people under carve time out to create

Art in NT

Catacombs especially in Rome earliest surviving artwork painted frescoes and meeting houses of persecuted Christians 265 AD

ex/ Shroud of Turin one of the lines of inquiry/proof the image of Christ as a clean-shaven man gives way to a bearded man

A picture containing arthropod, invertebrate, spider

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Edit of Milan allowed Christian art to emerge in its full splendor in many forms architecture, richer materials stone versus wood was employed larger structures, paintings, music and musical instrumentation.

Rile of Faith, Creed, ecclesial for the body of believers, not a me and the art

Christian Art pay homage to roots , Greek world under Plato & Aristotle directed art to be moral not pornographic or crude.

Laocoon he and sons dragged to sea allegorical and beautiful

Plato not science but it is didactic, forms the human person

Christian art great depth appreciation, thanksgiving to those to the fore. Fruit of theology bring beauty though external can be known by us.

Prefiguration of Christocentric, rule of faith, ecclesial see some of these aspects in the ancient masters.