Catholic Art What is it? VI

  1. Icons Eastern Catholicism & Orthodox breathing with both lungs

330 AD Constantinople was dedicated as a capital for the Roman Empire.

New Christian center for politics and art

Hagia Sophia & Church of the Holy Apostles are excellent examples of high art

As the barbarians overran the West, the East, set the standard of sophistication and artistry

Byzantian art was the measure

Because of iconoclasm, strict standardization of religious art was introduced forming the concepts of the icon

Eastern Catholicism was had closer historical ties to the Orthodox

The Black Madonna of Poland & Our Lady of Perpetual help are examples of iconic inclusion within the Roman culture

The iconist prays through his work but David Michelangelo must have as well in some sense

Closer conformity to Divine Ideas, more beautiful artwork

Human person is to know love serve God, this is purpose of rationality

Spiritual & moral beauty Greek art speaks to spirit and morality reason it is so compelling, touches the human soul

1000 yrs from now resonance still there. Churches 1960-1980 built paucity.

X Special Cases Shroud of Turin & Our Lady of Guadalupe Tilma

A gloss to these icons, artifacts, anomalies.

Shroud of Turin Fr. Robert Spitzer 52 pages of articles.

Our Lady of Guadalupe previous show, use the search bar to find the videos

In both cases science cannot even a little bit explain their origin, continuance, and telos.

OLG science cannot explain why the cactus fibers has not decayed 10 years later, much less 500+

Both artifacts speak to the times in which they exist and ages later. Speaks independent of time constraints.

Not made by human hands.

Shroud speaks of both crucifixion and resurrection. Self-portrait.

Self-portrait, OLG speaks to the great dignity of the Theotokos, her maternal love and queenship

St. Therese’ would say, “She is more mother than queen.” Our lord would have seen her this way.