Catholic Art What is it? VII

  1. Examples of Catholic Artisans

Catholic Artisans or

Trappist Monks Incense

Wineries in France

Monks shaped wine in France, intertwined. Dom Perigone Champagne created by accident by the monks. Dom title of the monks. Via Caritatis  winery new artisan restoring oldest papal vineyards.

Willing to sacrifice truth and beauty for thin milk of utilitarianism

Monks of Norcia Benedictine beer

Drink it out of an elegant glass

Coffee Monks Carmelites

XII. Practical Application

Home inside and out (garden) Garden of Eden, Tabernacle, & Temple, Resurrection place

Artificial construct of the Dark Ages period, Gospel being spread, polyphony, architecture foundation and Gothic Cathedrals built then. We are living in a period of darkness hard to see truth, goodness, beauty. Compelled to look back. Rediscover what is lost.

Lost, turn around. Great rupture in art. Modernism, though Impressionist art beautiful but sorrowful. Not renaissance but continual downward spiral.

Food & Drink


Music different frequencies Nazis

Movies and shows including surfing on internet

Books and articles

Church, as a mother the importance of beauty in the worship place with small children

Good for imagination, Montessori she creates with beauty, imaginative prayer unlike Eastern Mysticism radically different. Lord became a man, more beautiful, complete, true images in our mind.

Chartres Cathedral 1200 yr Bible in glass. Meditative of salvific history.

Poverty is not brown, beige, burlap, felt.

XIV Conclusion- Evangelization

2502 Sacred art is true and beautiful when its form corresponds to its particular vocation: evoking and glorifying, in faith and adoration, the transcendent mystery of God – the surpassing invisible beauty of truth and love visible in Christ, who “reflects the glory of God and bears the very stamp of his nature,” in whom “the whole fullness of deity dwells bodily.” This spiritual beauty of God is reflected in the most holy Virgin Mother of God, the angels, and saints. Genuine sacred art draws man to adoration, to prayer, and to the love of God, Creator and Savior, the Holy One and Sanctifier.

There is Sacred Art is Recognizable & Knowable, secular art has a role in forming the human person