Come A Way, Rest A While VII

Our Lady of Mt Carmel is July 16. Ask Our Lady to guide one into authentic leisure befitting Our Lord. She always says, “Do whatever He tells you.” Appearance to Simon Stock July 16, 1251. Our Lady gave to Simon the brown scapula of the Carmelite habit.

Receptivity posture scapular, rosary, Divine Mercy chaplet, intellectus

Laity, as a sign of devotion and reminder to our Lady whose impulse is to do whatever he says. Wear a smaller bit of brown cloth or even a medal if it is more suitable. Physical reminders, accept who we are. Like a wedding ring.

Do active, requires human action agency. Servers had to carry large heavy jars and full of drawn water and then wine. Hard physical labor for servers. The joy when they dipped the dipper tasted the goodness of the Lord. Not discursive, pure gift. Joy upon joy, gift upon gift. Something changes within them. They had to do the work.

  • Develop a lively devotion to our Lord in His Atoning Sacrifice. We who profess His name are covered in His Precious Blood. Sara and I have several shows devoted to the Precious Blood from July 2020.

  • Recall a Prayer to Precious

  • July 22 Mary Magdalene, some scholars suggest she was at the foot of the Cross[1], truly under the Precious Blood of her Savior, was truly rewarded with experiencing His Resurrection. She was an apostle to the apostles. Leisure, a transformative event to make her more of what she was, in a most sublime sense.

Catholic practice of annual retreat.

  • Retreat annual, need physical, emotional, mental space Consoling the Heart of Jesus Fr. Michael Gaitley MIC 2010Ignore spirit to the detriment of the body. Many slaved to the flesh. Modern world. Addiction to drugs, tattoos, gender dysfunction. Albatross of modernity, materialistic, problems not solved and are trapped. Problems often spiritual. Ignore spirit, flesh problems compound.

Come Away with Me and rest. Soul fortified, people removed from sacraments and avenues of grace, beautiful reservoir peace, life joy, we need to seek them to be joy to others. Grace is not only for us. Christ radiated into world. Can’t help be His witnesses, we must renew ourselves.

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