Come A Way, Rest A While VIII

Key thoughts

  • We can console the heart of Jesus, Who is outside of time in His Divinity, during the course of His life and especially during His Passion. We bring our love to Him which is a refreshment, leisure.

  • Our friendship rooted in trust (Divine Mercy image) is all Jesus wants. -Divine Mercy and love of Mary is the refreshment our souls need.

  • Accepting ourselves in humility, contra to sloth or acedia, and trusting in the Lord’s goodness is the sure outline of leisure our souls need.

Fr. Gaitley says a penitent heard this locution on retreat, “All I (Jesus) want is for you to be my friend. All I want is for you to not be afraid of me and to come to me.” Simple, clear, practical. We can be Jesus’ friend during His life and come away with Him to be refreshed.

-Letting Jesus do it. Accept the crosses and joys He chooses to send. He permits suffering and is the cause of our Joy. It is easier. Accept the choice not chosen. Francis de Sales, death of his little sister. Jane 12 yrs. Don’t substitute your cross for the one He sends. Humility, accept the crosses He sends.

Good work of his sister done at 12 yrs. She died in holiness. Passive acceptance, greatest cross endure.

Precious Blood

Lord Jesus, we pray in the power of Your precious blood, shed for our sins and for our redemption. Because of Your blood, shed out of love, all our sins are forgiven, and the punishment for sin is cancelled. Shield us from all danger and harm and the punishment that sin would bring upon us. Protect us from evil.

By Your most precious blood, Jesus, break all bondage to the evil one. Let the power of Your blood bring healing to our lives, to our minds, and to our bodies. Cover us and cleanse us with Your blood. Heal us by the power of Your most precious blood, Lord Jesus.

Thank You for the gift of Your love and forgiveness of sin proven by the shedding of Your blood. Without grace we are all lost. With Your grace we are redeemed and restored to friendship with You.

Satan has no claim on us and no hold on us. We belong to You and Your Kingdom. In You is our safety, peace, and security. In You we find life and healing, forgiveness, and peace, because You shed Your blood and gave Your life for our redemption. Thank You for such great love and mercy.

(Our Sunday Visitor: Huntington, IN 2013)  pg 156

XIII Additional Resources

Ralph McInerny 2005

Josef Pieper is a Thomist who has thought through what Thomas wrote and passed on what he has understood and extended the same approach into areas Thomas never dreamt of.