Come Away, Rest A While Covering of Precious Blood III

Spiritual rest and bodily rest. Both interpenetrate each other.

VIII Resting in the Lord for both Elijah and the apostles occurs in the presence of the Divine. Elijah had angels ministering to him. The apostles had our Blessed Lord.

IX Leisure occurring in the company of Jesus is a prayerful repose on His Merciful and Compassionate Heart.

X Leisure the Basis of Culture[1] by Josef Pieper is an excellent help in formulating a proper sense of leisure.

Josef Pieper short bio 1904-1997 Written in summer of 1947, after WWII, Germany in ruins coupled to a Germanic trait of industry, eschewed leisure properly defined.

Another excellent work by Pieper is

The Four Cardinal Virtues: Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, Temperance. Notre Dame, Ind., 1966. ISBN 978-0-268-00103-2. Translations originally published separately, Fortitude and Temperance translated by Daniel F. Coogan (1954); Justice translated by Lawrence E. Lynch (1955); and Prudence translated by Richard and Clara Winston (1959).

Thesis on statement: Culture depends for its very existence on leisure.

Cult root of culture links directly to divine worship. Ritual of public sacrifice is the primary source of man’s freedom.[2]

This was the first demand of Moses to Pharoah, let my people go so that they can worship me. Sabbath. Later freedom from slavery, was seen to be essential to the act of Divine worship.

Aristotle in Nicomachean ethics states, “we are un-leisurely to have leisure.”

Vestiges of this concept arises in the contemplative life when we distinguish between artes liberales and artes serviles. Liberal arts & servile work.

This is the first consideration shows a completely different understanding between the Greco Roman and Middle Ages view of who man is and what his purpose. Conclusions that rest squarely on philosophy and theology.

Kant (German pivotal philosopher 1724-1804) held knowledge to be exclusively discursive, the opposite of intuitive. Knowing was work for Kant. Kantian philosophy is fundamental to much of Germanic theology. Historical criticism in Scripture is one manifestation of Kantian thought.

Kant is contra to work/knowledge of the Greeks and the Middle Ages. For ancients and builders of Western Civilization understanding made room for the “listening to the essence of things”.[3]

Obsession with material world in Enlightenment Period, albatross, a weight on us.

Walk and pray Rosary with time at the end with resting in the Lord. What a gift God given spiritual life, silent and totally before God. God cause and sustaining me. Interior life gift from God.

Thingness, tangibility yokes us to end of materialist. Christian mindset know we don’t live to work. Don’t think of heaven as work for infinity. Rather a place of rest. Intuitively knows this.

Work can become our god.

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